Who can play?

South Windsor Boys Lacrosse is open to any boy in grade K-8. Our program is open to surrounding towns providing said town does not have a team.

When is the Lacrosse season?

Lacrosse is a spring sport and the season runs from March-June.


Do Players need prior lacrosse experience? 

NO! No prior experience or familiarity with lacrosse is necessary to take part in and to contribute. All that needed is a willingness to have fun, try hard, and learn.


Do I need my own equipment? What equipment is needed?

Yes, all players are required to wear NOCSAE certified protective gear. 

Equipment can be borrowed or purchased.

 Each player will need a Helmet, Shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, mouthpiece, Boys Lacrosse stick, Athletic cup and cleats.

What body type/athlete type do you need to be for lacrosse?

As with other sports, agility, strength, and endurance are of great importance, but there is a position on the field for all body types!

  • If you can play soccer, you can play lacrosse
  • If you can play basketball, you can play lacrosse
  • If you can play hockey, you can play lacrosse
  • If you can play baseball/softball, you can play lacrosse
  • If you can play football, you can play lacrosse

Players come in all sizes and shapes, but all work to master the same fundamental lacrosse specific skills including stick handling, dodging, defense, and shooting accuracy.

What are the registration fees?

14u and 12u: $200, 10u: $125, 8u: $75, and 6u: $50 - plus a $75 refundable volunteer fee. This includes the mandatory US Lacrosse membership, Uniform and tournament fees.


Why is there a $75 volunteer fee?

SW Lacrosse hosts two tournaments during the season, The Bobcat Blast and the CVYL Championships. Both of these generate much needed revenue to sustain the program and keep costs down. In order for these events to be a success we rely on parent volunteers to help. This is a one time commitment of 2 hours per player family. In the past we’ve unfortunately only had a small number of individuals assist. Also, some families have indicated they would prefer to pay a fee instead of volunteering. Therefore, we will be asking for a $75 check at the first team meeting. Your son will get his uniform once the check has been collected by the coach or parent liaison. This check will be held and NOT cashed. If you volunteer for one of the tournaments, then the check will be returned to you at the end of the season. If you choose not to volunteer, then your check will be cashed after the CVYL Championship in June.


 Why is the US Lacrosse membership mandatory?

The US Lacrosse membership, which is included in your registration fee (as long as you register on time), is our comprehensive lacrosse insurance. A membership includes a subscription to Lacrosse Magazine, membership into the CT Lacrosse Foundation, discounted US Lacrosse merchandise, free admission to the Lacrosse Museum and National Hall of Fame and much more. Log on to US Lacrosse.org for more information.


What is time/practice commitment for lacrosse? 

There are usually 2-3 practices a week in the preseason. During the season there is usually 1-2 practices and 1-2 games per week.


Are there tryouts?

We hold an “evaluation” at the Senior (7th and 8th grade) level and at the Junior (5th and 6th grade), by which players are placed on an A or B team according to experience and ability.  It is important to note that under no circumstances will any players be "cut" from the program and that the evaluation is completely optional. Any player who chooses not to be evaluated will be placed on a B team.


Where are the practices and games held?

Practices and home games are generally held at Rye St. Park. There are Away games at the home team fields. 

We do occasionally use the turf field at the High School for some games.


Is there a sign-up cut off date?

Yes. In order to have an ample amount of planning time and to properly allocate resources and coaches. We must establish a  12/31/2019 cut off date .


Is there clinics to improve skills?

Yes, we will host clinics as well as post available clinics on our website. 


Is there an option to try lacrosse without making a full commitment? 

Yes, we will be hosting a learn lacrosse programs. Information can be found on our website.


When and where can I sign up?

Registration opens on November 1st on swboyslax.org


South Windsor Boys Lacrosse relies on volunteer coaches who are generally parents of the players.  Each team will have a designated Head Coach who has primary responsibility for maintaining the team schedule, communicate with families, and manage their team.  Each team will have a varying number of Assistant Coaches. We also have a Coordinator who oversee all aspects of coaches programs.  The Coordinator is a Board members, as well.      


My son plays another sport during the spring, will this be a problem?

SWBL does not require a player to be a lacrosse player exclusively. However, our expectation is that players will not prioritize out-of-season sports in a way that causes them to miss practices or games during lacrosse season. We ask that parents take a good look at the activities they schedule for their sons in the Spring with an eye towards fairness to our lacrosse coaches and their teammates, as well as to coaches and teammates of other Spring teams they may play for.

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