By laws

South Windsor Boys Lacrosse, Inc. By-Laws


Article I Name & Location

Article II Objective

Article III Executive Board

Article IV Meetings

Article V Duties of Officers

Article VI Team Organization

Article VII Boys & girls Participation


VIII Coaching Staff

Article IX Registration

Article X Playing Schedule & Tournaments/Play-offs

Article XI Provision for Insurance

Article XII Financial Policy

Article XIII Amending the Bylaws

Article XIV Hardship

Article XV Miscellaneous

Article XVI Complaint Procedure



By this notice, the Executive Board of the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse, Inc. does hereby certify the following to be a true and correct copy of the Bylaws of this organization. The Executive Board reserves the right to modify, add or delete any portion thereof, and to adjust these Bylaws to conform to the Connecticut Valley Youth Lacrosse, rules, changes or modifications.


Article I – Name and Location(return to Contents)

The name of this organization shall be: South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse, Inc. and shall be located in the Town of South Windsor, Connecticut. This organization shall be known in an abbreviated manner as South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse, or SWBL.


Article II – Objective(return to Contents)

The objective of this organization is: To instill in the youth of the Town of South Windsor the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and knowledge in the competitive fundamentals of the game of lacrosse. It is the purpose of the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse organization to teach the participating youths, conditioning, discipline and teamwork as it pertains to lacrosse, and to develop among the participants a winning attitude, which will be carried both on and off the field of play.


Article III – Executive Board(return to Contents)

A. Composition of Executive Board

    1. The Executive Board is comprised of eleven (11) positions which include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, League Representative, Field Manager, Parent Liaison, Equipment Manager, Fundraising Coordinator Apparel Coordinator and Head Coach/Officiating coordinator.

    2. Executive Board positions are for a two (2) year term; beginning August 1st and ending on July 31th. Odd years will be elections for the President, Secretary, League Representative, Parent Liaison, Head Coach/Officiating coordinator and Equipment Manager. Treasurer will close the books as of Dec 31st, and submit all financial information to the accountant by the middle of January. In even years all books will be turned over to the newly elected treasurer before August 1st of the year following the elections. Notice shall be sent to all families involved in the program of upcoming elections requesting nominations or interested parties shall attend the next meeting to express their intention. Notice shall be sent via email and it shall be posted on the website the month preceding the upcoming election.

    3. Executive Board members absent from four (4) Executive Board meetings, including special meetings in a given year may be removed from the Executive Board with a two -thirds vote.

    4. One (1) person cannot hold two (2) positions on the Executive Board.

    5. If there are not enough people to fill the ten (10) Executive Board positions in any given year, the top five (5) Executive Board positions have to be filled. The top five positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and League Representative. All other Executive Board positions, if they cannot be filled, will be taken care of by the top five (5) Executive Board members, but each Executive Board member will still only have one (1) vote each.

    6. Any Executive Board member can also be a coach.

    7. Any Executive Board member who is expelled from the Executive Board shall not ever be able to return as an Executive Board member.

    8. The President must have at least to (2) consecutive years of involvement with the SWBL organization; one (1) of which must be served as an Executive Board member.

   9. In the event a board member chooses to resign board member must submit resignation to president. Notice shall be sent to all families prior to the next board meeting of open position for nominations, and then election shall be held at next board meeting. Newly elected position shall be for remaining term, however long is remaining.

B. Functions/Responsibilities of Executive Board

    1. Rules/Regulations of the playing program of South Windsor Youth Boy’s Lacrosse to include:

        a. Coach’s conduct

        b. Player eligibility

        c. Player conduct

        d. Grievance arbitration

        e. Uphold the rules prescribed by the league in which the SWBL participate

        f. Expenditure of funds

    2. A two-thirds majority of the Executive Board shall be required for the following:

        a. Expenditure of funds, exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) if not already included in approved budget


       b. Trophy/award costs for players

        c. Publicity and advertising for registrations and other activities

        d. Determination of registration fees

        fe Removal of an Executive Board member or coach associated with the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse organization

    3. All Executive Board members will be elected at the June meeting to serve for a term of two (2) years unless appointed during off years. The newly elected Executive Board members will assume their positions as the first item of business at the August meeting.

    4. The Executive Board members shall be nominated/elected based on their character, adherence to organizational objectives, and ability to perform their required duties.

    5. Any Executive Board member demonstrating conduct deemed to be unfitting of an Executive Board member as determined by his/her fellow Executive Board members, or who causes the program to suffer in the public eye, shall be removed from office by a two-third vote of the Executive Board members and eligible association voters present at the meeting where the unbecoming behavior is presented. The removed individual shall be notified in writing.

    6. Any Executive Board member with a position that requires a key shall receive only that key. The President shall designate an alternate who shall receive a copy of all keys necessary by the organization.



Article IV – Meetings(return to Contents)

    1. Regular meetings shall be held on a day of the month to be agreed upon by the board on or before the August meeting. The board shall meet at least once a month in January, February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October, November and December in person, via conference call or electronically. The June meeting is designated as the “Annual Meeting.”

    2. Meetings will be presided over by the President. In his/her absence, the Vice President will assume the duties. In the event both officers are not present, the Treasurer will preside.

    3. Special meetings may be called by the President or by a two-third majority of all members of the Executive Board.

    4. In all matters not covered by the bylaws of the league, Robert’s Rule of Order shall govern.

    5. A quorum shall consist of half, plus one, of all Executive Board members, and must exist at a board meeting in order to conduct business.

    6. Voting:

        a. Voting shall be restricted to members of the Executive Board and member participants who have attended in its entirety three (3) out of the prior four (4) meetings (the “Non Executive Board Members”).

        b. Each Executive Board Member shall have one (1) vote. Each Non Executive Board Member shall have on

(1) Vote unless there are more than three (3) Non Executive Board Members eligible to vote on a specific matter. Under these circumstances, the maximum number of votes that the non Executive Board Members shall have is three (3). The votes shall be made by one Non Executive Board Member ahs shall be cast in favor of the issue decided by a majority of the Non Executive Board Members eligible to vote. If there is a tie then the Non Executive Board Member who has attended the most meetings in the prior twelve (12) months shall break the tie and all votes shall be voted according to said person’s vote. Examples to illustrate this Section are as follows: (i) Five (5) Non Executive Board Members are eligible to vote on a particular matter. Three (3) are in favor of the motion and two (2) are against the motion. The result is all three (3) votes that the Non Executive Board Members have are voted in favor of the motion. (ii) Six (6) Non Executive Board Members are eligible to vote on a particular matter. Three (3) are in favor of the motion and three (3) are against the motion. The Non Executive Board Member who has attended the most meetings in the prior twelve (12) months shall cast the deciding vote and all three (3) votes by the Non Executive Board Members shall be voted in accordance with the deciding vote.

        c. In the event of a tie, the President’s vote shall determine pass or fail of a motion. However, if the President is not at the meeting, then the motion will be voted on at the next meeting. If the motion can’t wait until the next meeting, the Vice President will call the President the following day for his/her vote.


Article V – Duties of Officers(return to Contents)

1. The President shall:

    a. Conduct the affairs of the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse and execute the policies established by the Board of Directors;

    b. Conduct all meetings according to the By-laws of the SWBL program;

    c. Appoint all committees; 

    d. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.

    e. Communicate to the Board of Directors such matters that are appropriate and make suggestions to promote the welfare of the SWBL.

    f. Be responsible for the conduct of the SWBL and insure conformity to the policies, principles, rules and regulations of the CTVYL.

    g. Investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions detrimental to SWBL and report thereon to the Board as circumstances warrant.

    h. Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board of Directors

    i. Make a recommendation to the Board naming the Head lacrosse Coach of each lacrosse Team at the March Board Meeting 

2. The Vice President Shall:

    a. Administrate the Executive Board in the absence of the President;

    b. Be a representative for the organization and league for committees when necessary.

    c. Be an ex-officio member of all committees; and

    d. Prepare all lacrosse paperwork and submit to the league and ensure that the head coach of each level has a file on hand at all times with copies of all registrations and rule forms with parents’ signatures. Paperwork includes

Register all players and coaches for US Lacrosse

Make sure year round policies are renewed

Issue insurance pre-season for all fields and file appropriate paperwork with rec dept and BOE

Issue insurance policies for individual occasions i.e. tournaments

Issue insurance policies for all teams

Provide US Lacrosse numbers for players who require for outside play

Foley Field paperwork

Maintain and follow up on all occurrence paperwork for our players and opposing players injured on our fields

Midseason roster checks

Maintain program admin duties:

               coaches coursework numbers

Implement sideline sportsmanship programs

3. The Secretary shall:

    a. Record an distribute minutes of the monthly meeting to all attending such meeting;

    b. Distribute minutes prior to the next monthly meeting;

    c. Make all Executive Board members aware of the monthly/special meetings prior to the meeting;

    d. Hold a file on all businesses and their phone numbers for fundraising committees; 

    e. Be custodian of South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse official records.

    f. is responsible for distributing the mailings and notifications of registration.

    g. Will keep all By-law changes and will report such changes to the Board.

4. The Treasurer shall:

    a. Be responsible for the timely depositing and distribution of all funds;

    b. be required to make a monthly accounting to the Executive Board, (including copies of monthly bank statements); 

    c. Perform such duties as are customarily incident to the office of treasurer or may be assigned by the Board of Directors

    d. Submit an annual statement at the January meeting.

5. The League Representative shall:

    a. Attend all league/Conference meetings and report back information to the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse Executive Board;

    b. Bring to the League/Conference all correspondence, dues, payments insurance premiums, town registration forms, player restrictions, etc.

    c. Act in the capacity of spokesperson between South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse  and the league/Conference.

6. The Equipment Manager shall:

    a. Be responsible for the purchase/receipt of equipment from vendors;

    b. Be required to report on the inventory of equipment on hand, including condition of said equipment at all monthly meetings, or as requested;

    c. Keep a written record of distribution of all uniforms/equipment, signed by parent/guardian.

    d. Be responsible for coordination with the Head Coaches to ensure end of season collection of all uniforms and equipment;

    e. Not make any purchases greater than five hundred ($500.00) dollars without prior approval of the Executive Board if not already included in approved budget; 


    f. Be responsible for trophies at end of season for all players.

7. The Field Manager shall:

    a. Make sure the field(s) and related equipment are taken care of and ready for usage and be the primary interface with appropriate town of South Windsor officials to ensure timely field readiness.

    b. coordinate practice schedules with head coaches through out program

8. The Parent Liaison shall:

    a. Be the primary interface between parents and the Executive Board;

    b. Not be a coach (either head or assistant);

    c. Attempt to resolve any problems between coaches and parents and Executive Board members and parents. If the problem can’t be resolved then the Parent Liaison shall bring the problem to the Executive Board. 

    d. Be responsible for coordinating with the team parents.

9. The Fundraising Coordinator shall:

    a. Be responsible for formulating a series of Board approved fundraisers to be scheduled throughout the year and

    b. Shall chair a Fundraising Committee of an adequate number of members to bring about a successful fundraising campaign

10 The Concession and Apparel Coordinator shall:

    a. Be responsible for ordering all apparel at a reasonable price and maintain an accurate inventory.

    b. Be responsible for an accurate record of all expenditures and income from apparel sales.

    c. Be responsible for the organizing, purchasing and selling of SWBL merchandise

   d. be responsible for ordering concessions and organizing volunteers in the event of the board deciding to open concessions for special events

11 Head coach/Officiating coordinator

     a Develop structure of head coach roles as well as expectations of player development fundamentally at each level for board approval

       b Develop training programs designed to reinforce the goals and objectives of our program

       c Develop pool of candidates for head coaching positions and make recommendations for head coach at November board meeting for approval

       d Monitor teams during season to insure that our objectives our being achieved at each level, if necessary intervene to insure objectives are met

       e Assign officials for all home games

        f Deal with any officiating related issues regarding scheduling and sportsmanship related issues as first point of contact

Article VI – Team Organization(return to Contents)

1. The South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse may consist of bantams, junior A and B, and Senior A and B under the name “South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse.”

2. The team colors are maroon and vegas gold.


Article VII – Boys and Girls Participation(return to Contents)

1. Qualifications for players will comply with the League/Conference in which the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse participate.

2. Any player not complying with the qualifications, rules, or guidelines will be susceptible to removal from the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse organization.


Article VIII – Coaching Staff(return to Contents)

1. Coaches must demonstrate a positive attitude when dealing with their players. Sportsmanship must be demonstrated at all times.

2. All coaches are subject to the Coaches Code of Conduct at all times.

3. Qualifications for coaches will comply with the League/Conference in which the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse program participates.

4. Costs for clinics will be paid for by the SWBL organization, as long as said coaches are involved as a coach or an Executive Board member.

5. If a coach’s ability or performance is deemed detrimental to SWBL, he/she may be disciplined, including removal, at any time by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board present at the meeting when said ability or performance is brought to question.

6. A special meeting must be held prior to the removal of a coach at which time the Executive Board and the involved coach(es) must attend. Failure by a coach to attend the special meeting will be grounds for immediate removal.


Article IX – Registration(return to Contents)

1. The Executive Board will determine the registration fee at the November meeting for the next season

2. The Executive Board sets the date of registration.

3. All registration forms must be filled out completely with a copy of the player’s birth certificate, doctor’s note, and any other documents required by the league, before a child will be able to participate in any function with the SWP, including practice, games or scrimmages.

4. Full refunds will be given until the first day of practice. For each week or part of a week that a player participates $50 will be deducted from the refund amount.


Article X – Playing Schedule and Tournaments/Play-offs(return to Contents)

1. League/Conference in which the SWBL participates will regulate the schedule of regular season games and post-season games.

2. All open dates and post-season (other than play-off and championship) games shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board.


Article XI – Provision for Insurance(return to Contents)

Medical insurance may be carried through the League/Conference in which the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse participates. See League/Conference by-Laws for the coverage limits and deductible on a yearly basis.


Article XII – Financial Policy(return to Contents)

1. The Executive Board shall be responsible for the funds of the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse Program.

2. It shall be the Executive Board policy to place all funds in a checking and/or savings account for payment of debts before and after the playing season.

3. All checks shall require the Treasurer and President’s signature.

4. No check exceeding five hundred ($500.00) shall be made without the prior approval of the Executive Board present and voting at the meeting where the request is made unless such expenditure is included in approved budget. Emergency expenditures may be authorized by two (2) officers among the President, Vice President, and Treasurer of up to five hundred ($500.00) dollars. Emergency expenditures must subsequently be noted at the next meeting of the Executive Board.

5. All contributions and/or solicitations shall be for the sole benefit of the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse organization as a whole. A committee will direct all solicitation of funds with a chairperson appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board specifically for each drive or event. All funds are to be presented and accounted for to the Executive Board at the completion of the committee’s tenure. Failure to account for and present all funds to the Executive Board could result in criminal charges.

6. No part of the funds or assets of the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse shall be distributed to its members or Executive Board except as in accordance with the Non-Profit Corporation Law of the State of Connecticut.

7.There shall be NO fundraising for a specific purpose or event without prior approval of a majority of the Executive Board. Any unauthorized fundraising will be brought before the Executive Board and WILL result in immediate expulsion from the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse Organization.


Article XIII – Amending the By-Laws(return to Contents)

The By-Laws may be amended at any meeting or Special Meeting. A two-thirds majority of the Executive Board will pass the amendment.


Article XIV – Hardship(return to Contents)

Any child whose parent cannot meet part, or all, of the registration fee may be considered for a hardship case. All applicants’ names will be presented to the President for approval.


Article XV – Miscellaneous(return to Contents)

1. Any incentives given out to a youth for fundraising shall be given as an award or savings bond; not cash.

2. No participate of the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse will be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages and/or use illegal substances during any practice or game. Any breach is cause for immediate dismissal.


Article XVI – Complaint Procedures(return to Contents)

The following procedure will be the complaint resolution process:


Any issue a parent/guardian has with the South Windsor Boy’s Lacrosse organization will be addressed first with the head coach of the team their son plays on and/or the Parent Liaison. If no resolution is agreed to, then the next step will be to address the issue with the president of the SWBL. The final step will be to address the issue with the Executive Board. The Executive Board will address the issue at the next board meeting, unless the board members feel the issue needs immediate attention.


The purpose of this process is to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. Since the head coaches are available several times a week at practices, many of the issues can be resolved immediately. The Executive Board only meets once a month, which means an issue, could go unresolved for up to a month. We believe the sooner a problem is addressed and resolved, the better it is for everyone involved.

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